Summer is here: sunny and pretty hot in Toronto so far. What’s new for us these days?

Work goes on; with daily rides on the TTC and no real slow down in terms of projects and things to do.



There are lots of events going on in town including the annual street party.

The barbecue season is definitely on and while we don’t have one (yet), we have enjoyed a few either with friends, colleagues and fellow religious. The Sunnyside outdoor pool is open again and that’s great! The bike ride to there through High Park keeps us in shape!

For one of us, the summer will see the relocation of her office from downtown to Mississauga. Even if the expected change in the working environment and the longer commute are a source of concern, let’s hope newness will also bring about good surprises.

Vacations are also in sight for most of us.

Some will go to France will visit family and friends in Paris, in Tullins near Grenoble, in Vence near Nice and in Toulouse. They will be able to attend the community gatherings taking place in La Pourrraque in the south of France. There, the Xaviere sisters living in Chad, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, France and Canada have a chance to meet, rest and celebrate. Check out the link and you will see why this house is so special for us!

One of us will stay in Canada and her vacation will include her retreat in Loyola House in Guelph. One of us started a new job in February and will not be able to take some time off. She really appreciates the long weekends (as we all do).

During the summer some Xavieres will take new steps in their religious life, entering the noviciate, taking their first vows, renewing them of doing their final profession. We give thanks to God in anticipation for all these events!

We hope you are having a great summer. May it be restful, playful and filled with God’s abiding presence!

Annette, Marie-Noëlle, Blandine, Gabrielle and Laurence

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