Advent’s Events to Prepare the Way to a greater Joy

Marie-Noëlle proposed a 30-minute prayer after mass on Mondays at our parish (St Joan of Arc).

“Let us ask the Lord to show us three blessings that we received this day. After 10 minutes of silent prayer, we will pass a candle and each of us will have the opportunity to share with the group one of these blessings”

Celebrating life!

Mid-December Claire and Laurence had their birthdays two days apart, and it was a milestone birthday for Claire. So you’ve got to celebrate! On the D-Day, a surprise was organized after work: gathering at mass at St Stephen’s chapel, Indian restaurant and a great musical, Bend it Like Beckham. We thought there was a good analogy with the call to religious life and the way some of our families reacted when they learned about our decision to join the Xaviere Sisters! The Indian danses and the songs were a delight. What a great gift that life… and sisterhood!

The Sing-Along Messiah with the Tafelmusik choir and orchestra at the Roy Thompson Hall on December 21st was a thrill! The words and the melodies stayed with us during the whole Christmas time: “Comfort ye my people…” “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light…” “Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice greatly!”


Good-Bye, Father Dan!

On Sunday, December 22nd, we said good-bye to our parish pastor, a Franciscan Father of the Atonement, who is sent to a new ministry after 12 years as pastor of St Joan of Arc. Being sent is part of religious life and we do believe in the fruitfulness of it, even if it is always sad to say good-bye…

We then welcomed some of our sisters coming to celebrate Christmas in Toronto… Thanks be to God for allowing us to prepare his coming through the ordinary and the extraordinary events of our lives!

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