Claire Monestès

claire monestes
Claire Monestès, in 1915

Claire Monestès, who founded the Xavieres Sisters, passed away on February 14, 1939. Every year, the date of February 14 is an opportunity for us xavieres sisters to remember Claire and to give thanks for who she was and for the legacy of her spiritual insights. Remembering can be as simple as reading some of her spiritual writings, or sharing these treasured texts with friends… or doing both by posting a post on this blog! The text below was found by Claire’s bedside after her death. It was in her handwriting on the back of a card.

“Courage et confiance! l’hiver est passé, la tourterelle chante déjà, la moisson va venir, allons la cueillir d’un grand cœur reconnaissant et fidèle.”

In English this text could read as follows:

“Take courage and trust! Winter is over, already the dove is singing. The harvest is at hand: let us go gather the harvest with a large, grateful and steadfast heart.”

This hopeful exhortation still resonates with us! We hope it reaches the heart of many. We are delighted to share it with you on this day.


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